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Welcome to the Focus Blog, a space dedicated to you, the parent(s) of a child, or children with Autism, and other developmental disorders. This Blog is sponsored by Focus on the Future Training Center of Plano, Texas.

Through this blog, we will be sharing, connecting, and  learning from one another.  This blog is dedicated to those of us, who have the honor to parent children with disabilities.  The Focus Blog will offer you a space to learn, to share your experiences, to grow, and to learn valuable skills so necessary to help your family, and you child with special needs succeed. Welcome to a wonderful journey!

Vision Statement: It is not enough to prepare our children for the world; we must prepare the world for our children.

Mission Statement: Through mutual collaboration, the Focus Blog aims to help parents of children with special needs strengthen their lives, so that we can in turn give the best of ourselves to those people who depend on our strength.

Philosophy: Parents are the most knowledgeable professionals in their children’s lives and as such, they are deserving of the highest level of respect, for they are the innovators, creators, and leading experts on what their children need.

Goal: The Focus Blog aims to offer parents and caregivers specific techniques to help our children with special needs succeed by helping parents strengthen their family units so that they learn to operate from a point of happiness, effectiveness, and success.

The Focus Blog will offer:

  • Parent Training tips
  • Skills Training Techniques
  • Personal-Growth Training
  • Independence Training for our children
  • Self-Skills Training for our children
  • A space for support for parents and families of children with special needs
  • Answers to your questions and/or issues of concern
  • Workshops information, community Resources, and much more…

What we need from you to be successful:

  • We need parents to actively participate in the Focus Blog.
  • We need parents to submit questions (anonymously if desired) to the blog.
  • We need your support to the success of this endeavor.

The Focus Blog is your space; your space to seek answers to questions that are of concern to you.  Please let me know what topics would be most helpful to you, and what type of training you would like to learn about.  I look forward to hearing from all of you…here  on The Focus Blog.

Brenda Batts, PhD