Making Sense of Sensory Issues Workshop

March 29, 2014

This workshop focuses on helping parents, teachers, and therapists learn to individualize information for children with sensory issues. Knowing what sensory issues our children experience will help us to develop and implement programs that will impact their level of independence and involvement in their environment.

Some areas of focus for this workshop:

  • Learn the important role that the senses play in our development
  • Learn to recognize your child’s unique sensory issues, and to help him/her acquire skills to participate in his/her environment.
  • Learn what tools you need to develop a sensory diet for your child
  • Participants will be able to see and experience different tools and gadgets to help our children learn to accommodate to their sensory issues.
  • Learn to set up individual sensory areas.

Our senses affect the way we see and interact with the world. Through our senses we learn to participate and become one with our environment. This skill is a difficult skill for children who have been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, Autism, PDD, and related developmental disorders. Learning how to deal with what our senses receive every minute of the day gives us the freedom to participate more fully in our environment and opens up windows of learning in a comfortable and non-threatening way.

This workshop will be held 9:00am – 12:00pm on the Focus on the Future Campus, 1717 W Plano Pkwy, Plano, Texas. Registration will start at 8:00am.

Making Sense of Sensory Issues Workshop